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I am not suggesting that every hookup is a good one, but as long as both people understand the consequences of casual sex, then the occasional get down can be pretty damn awesome. “While we may have all become a little porn-obsessed, the media’s had some things a little skewed. What they don’t show is that casual sex has a high rate of getting back with someone you’re not expecting to get back with. It can lead to some good long-term relationships, but a lot of young people don’t even know that you can choose that,” says Rev. Dr. Sharon Grodner. “As for the hookup apps, a lot of people don’t really understand what they are. A lot of people use them to find a quick ‘I’m into you’ even though they’re not seeking commitment or anything else. They’re interested in finding someone to have sex with, and then they’re gone, when they have to leave the next day to head back home. That doesn’t really help with forming meaningful relationships.” Girl Code Among College Women: “Sex isn’t just good, it’s also the best — because you never know when it will happen again.” Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about promiscuity. It’s a concept that comes up a lot, mostly about women. I’ve asked a lot of women why they’ve slept with so many people. And how. I’ve asked them about their “casual hookups” and why or why not they partake in them. Most people assume that no one can survive in the modern day without sleeping with some form of numero uno and that to have sex just to have sex is a crime against humanity. It’s really interesting that sex is talked about so much and it’s often times a taboo topic. People sleep with people all the time. Although, the questions the taboo subjects are the ones we aren’t comfortable talking about. It’s interesting that we have become such a sexually progressive society, yet we lack the understanding to keep our sexual thoughts and behaviors just that — thoughts and behaviors. I feel like we’ve lost sight of the beauty in being fully transparent with one another and have a basic respect for one another. I’ve also started to question how I should view promiscuity. This doesn’t just apply to girls, but even to guys who might not view themselves as a player. I find myself constantly asking women questions about their experiences with hook
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