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If you're concerned about your computer's security and your online well-being, you've probably heard about the various ways that you can prevent security or privacy breaches from happening and understand how encrypting stuff you handle seems to be one of the most efficient ones. Fortunately, nowadays there's a huge variety of apps that were designed to help you encrypt contents in a seamless manner. Secret Messager is one of them. Encrypt text, files and images Its name hints at secrecy, but doesn't give away the application's full potential. Aside from letting you write "secret messages," you can also feed it various files on your computer and even images that you'd like to protect through encryption. In order to protect either one of the three content types, you first need to provide it to the app, type a password, choose a salt length and hit the "Encrypt" button. Decrypts the same contents But wait, there's more! An encryption app would be kinda pointless without a reverse function. So not only that you can encrypt text, various documents and images, but also decrypt them. Secret Messager also comes with a password generator that you can use in case you don't trust yourself entirely with coming up with a strong password. Displaying it can be done easily by ticking the "Show Password" checkbox in the main window. Handy decryption and encryption tool All in all, if you've been looking for an encryption software solution that can handle various content types (text, documents, images), Secret Messager might be exactly what you need. It can encrypt and decrypt easily, comes with a simplistic user interface and packs intuitive functions, making it highly accessible for rookies and professionals alike.







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Cracked Secret Messager With Keygen application is a secured messaging application. To meet the requirements of mobile messaging, at the same time you can use the encrypted by special software.Secret Messager Crack Free Download Keywords: ★ CounterA text message box password appears automatically, and you can create strong passwords, quickly remove your Safe Phone with just the Password. You can create many passwords, so your message can be protected under different environments.✦ When you send messages to other secure phone, the user can read the message, not able to open it.In addition, you can use the two-way secure Phone encrypted using a time limit, and can not be copied by other devices. ★ Secure your Android, iOS, other devices when you copy a file to the phone.★ Using, not only prevent unauthorized access, but also you can make the content come, you can not be read.Also, the encryption of data and files stored in the end of the conversation, you can only be viewed through the password entry.★ If the password is wrong, the data and files can not be decrypted, and the data is forced to be deleted.★ Simple GUI, the maximum security. Secret Messager Full Crack is a messaging app that adds integrity and security protection to your Android phone. All your messages are automatically encrypted using the latest 256-bit encryption standard. This cryptographic protection adds several layers of security to the app, including: – An encrypted key to encrypt messages – A password to decrypt them – A secure and privacy-safe phone number – Secure delete features – Key data encrypted on the phone’s storage – Access control with application features – Backup and restore to restore the phone data on other devices – Two-way encrypted text messages ★ Lock the message until you receive the passcode✦ Copy, Lock, Backup Messages and Data.✦ Lock the message until you receive the passcode.✦ View the backup data and send the message and images.✦ Using the application to encrypt the message.✦ Backup and restore messages and data to another phone.✦ Two-way encrypted message ★ Unique secure interface, free of such features as keyboard and gestures✦ Free clear material design interface with a different sense of security.✦ Using secure conversation, you can protect your data and provide the best browsing experience on the web.✦ Prevent the data and files that you are not able to delete from being accessed.✦ Password protected with 256-bit AES, a financial institution standard.✦ A three

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• The top-class encryption app that allows you to encrypt/decrypt text, files and images • Keeps your privacy • Includes the built-in password manager that generates secure passwords for you • Features a clean and intuitive user interface • Offers a wide variety of security modes How to Use Secret Messager 2: For beginning and experts 1. Drag and drop your files to the Secret Messager window 2. Then, you can either choose a password or select the salt length you want. 3. Once you’re done, click “Encrypt” 4. A new window will show up that prompts for the password 5. Type it in 6. Hit the “Encrypt” button 7. That’s it! For more information please see our help section. Note: This is a clean, light and very flexible encryption app. Virus Security: – Securing your files – Hide files in a folder. (※ Note: Each file can be encrypted only once) – Includes a Password Lock. – Provides easy and convenient ways of access to password. – All files are automatically deleted. – Easy and simple interface for file encryption. – Reset and Clear each entry Password to your own password again. – [Capture files easily and simply] – Supported Windows 10/8/7/Server 2012/2008/2003, Vista/2000. How to use Secured Folder? 1. Drag and drop files you want to hide in the folder. 2. You can choose which folder to hide the files. 3. You can select one password for one directory. 4. You can set a password to unlock the folder. 5. You can add more folders and set a different password for each folder. 6. You can choose whether to make a password or not. 7. You can also set for how long the password will be valid. 8. You can set it to make the folder password valid only for a specific period of time. 9. You can change the password by using the password tool. 10. You can delete any encrypted folder by resetting the password with the password tool. 11. You can see the details in the folder list. 12. Encrypted files are automatically deleted. File Sharing: – In order to share files, add all the contacts in your address book. – You can share files with the designated contacts b7e8fdf5c8

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⇐ Encryption: Secret Messager is an easy to use encryption software app for people with varying needs. With it you can encrypt text, documents and images. It can also decrypt these. ⇐ Password Generator: Using the password generator you can create a list of passwords with different lenghts, randomness or number of users. ⇐ Multi-Lingual: Secret Messager is available in English and Dutch. ⇐ Compatible: Secure your system using Secret Messager on the following operating systems: Windows, Linux, Apple, Android, ChromeOS, iOs. ⇐ Widely Used: Secret Messager is a beginner friendly encryption software that is commonly used. ⇐ Easy To Use: Secret Messager is easy to use and intuitive, with an easy to understand user interface. ⇐ Works Fast: Secret Messager is very fast and secure, you can very fast encrypt and decrypt data. ⇐ Multifunctional: Secret Messager is multi functional, encrypt and decrypt text, images and documents. ⇐ High Value Encryption: Secret Messager can encrypt any item on your system and it can also decrypt it. ⇐ Server Crack: Secret Messager can be run server side, meaning the encryption can be done in one end, decrypt it in the other. Key Features: ✔ Encryption & Decryption: Secret Messager can encrypt and decrypt text, images, and documents. You can also add salt to them. ✔ Password Generator: With Secret Messager’s password generator, you can get passwords for Secret Messager. ✔ Create a Password: You can create a password using the password generator and you can download the password to Secret Messager. ✔ Password Length: You can specify how long the passwords should be by setting the Password Length. ✔ Password Strength: You can also specify the password strength for the password, like Password Length, Password Quality, Password Complexity and Password Security. ✔ Password Quality: You can specify Password Quality for your password. Password quality is the type of characters you are using in the password. ✔ Password Complexity: You can specify Password Complexity for your password. Password complexity is the number of characters you are using in the password. ✔ Password Security: You can specify Password Security for your password. Password security is the type of characters you are using in the password. ✔

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Encrypt text, files and images Encrypt text, files and images in a quick and easy way Simple, fast and intuitive Convert images into a text format with Picture to Text Convert text into images with Text to Image Displays the password in an easy to understand way Create strong passwords with a simple interface Compatible with Windows 7 or Windows 8 Extremely powerful encryption algorithm Just one click, all data is encrypted and saved in a single file Encrypt any file, including pictures, videos, mp3s, documents and archives With encryption always at hand Use your own friendly screen lock Allows custom screen lock settings (screensaver) Allows custom lockscreen backgrounds Supports OTP (One Time Password) Number of users can be set Allows you to see the list of encrypted files Calculate the total size of a file Allows you to see the encryption progress and possible output size The file can be stored on our server with the EFS (encryption filesystem) system Supports archive formats: zip, 7zip and tzip Supports PDF formats: PDF and PDF-XChange Supports most common image formats: bmp, eps, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, psd, tif, tiff, tga Uses AES-256 algorithm Read-only applications can be decrypted Easy to use and provides a clean interface Advanced options: Extract, Input and Verify file Supports multiple password generation Automatic password resets Encrypt and decrypt contacts, calendars, emails and SMS Support for Hyper-V virtualization Backups are created without being encrypted You can download Secret Messager for free here. If you’re interested in more applications like it, you can head over to the Free Program Software site for a big list of free software. *The free edition of this app is not the full version. If you want to download the full version, you can do so here. Final thoughts Secret Messager is a nice piece of software that can encrypt various contents on your computer. Encrypting texts, files or images is a breeze to execute as the app does not impose any specifications on you. This means that you can use it with Firefox, Chrome or Edge. The downside is that you must pay $8 for the full version, but you should be able to figure out a way that would allow you to

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Minimum: OS: 64-bit Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-6600 Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 950 or AMD Radeon® R9 280 DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Recommended: OS: 64-bit Windows 7 Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-6700 Memory: 16 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1070 or AMD–Crack-Free.pdf

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