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The game can be played from start to finish in one session. Within an event, each character will have their own unique tasks, which will require experience points (xp) to accomplish. There are multiple endings to the game and the player’s decisions throughout are substantially important. How do you go about creating a character that’s believable and also original? The way characters are designed is where most of our time is spent. How we fleshed out our lore and history of the world is also a very important part of making a character that’s believable. Through their respective careers, we created the characters backstories, his backstory would be that he travels between the cities and takes a job, and his current situation would be that of a younger brother that is struggling with the same decisions as him. Don’t be afraid to try new things when making your own character. Runeous takes place in a world where magic is something common. It is the main fuel for the industries and for the population. Just as anyone else you know experiences bouts of depression, the world of rune is not immune to the mental illness. They suffer from mental illnesses brought about by the constant usage of magic. We’ve considered the mental illness a source of story through out the game. The main character Eme is a child of the people, born to a Jacawi mother and human father. She is a strong-willed character who goes with the flow and is not easily led. The story of Runeous depends on our choices and many decisions we make. Choices have consequences and you will have to make hard choices in order to be successful. How we gave character a strong storyline was through the design of the characters’ backstories. This is how we built Eme’s backstory. A few of the tools and methods we used were: – Framing – Clearly define the stakes at the beginning and then develop the stakes as your story progresses. – Set ups – Everyone will have important decisions to make, set ups are the hints that may provide this information. – Main story – You can always use the key events and relationships to deliver the main story. – Choices, Choice, and more Choices – The choices we make reflect upon us and we have to accept these consequences. –


Luna: Supernatural Hunter Features Key:

  • Brand new costumes to celebrate the arrival of UNATCO-3
  • Various trades are available for Wakaba’s Assistant Classes
  • Various new costumes


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Game “Science Girls” is an option for select controllers from Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox. Please check with each platform’s controller and player support section. – Adventure through time and space with the Science Girls and their secret weapon! – Choose from three different difficulty settings! – Equip different skills to customise your characters’ skills and loadouts for each scenario! – Swap active characters at any time in the game! – Battle against demons in an open world exploration adventure! – Large and varied arsenal of weapons and special abilities! – Earn experience to increase your Science Girls’ skills! – Level up girls and unlock awesome rewards! – You will be able to import your data from game of Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox! Instructions: Game “Science Girls” Gameplay: Game “Science Girls” is an option for select controllers from Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox. Please check with each platform’s controller and player support section. – Astronomy in the time of the dinosaurs: Imagine flying on a dinosaur! – Play as an adorable dinosaur and enjoy the scenery – Play on famous and beloved stages: Mongolia, Mariana Trench, and more – Free roam in the beautiful sun-drenched atmosphere – Enjoy beautiful, free-roaming island and mine – Find and collect gems – Collect all the gems – Beat the challenges in different difficulties – Endless mode, high-score mode, survival mode, etc. – Play through the story without saving – Optional short cutscenes Instruments: Expert Collection: • Gyroscope for navigation • Compass for orientation • Map for location Easy Collection: • Observation Box to display the stars and constellations • Lookthrough to draw the image of objects • Telescope to magnify the objects • Magnifying Glass to inspect the details of the image Controls: Tower Defense: • Moving – rotate to the desired direction • Selection – to choose the desired target and shoot • Interact – to shoot, throw a bomb, etc. • Lookaround – to view the surroundings • Camera – to move the Camera or zoom in • Touch – to shoot Strategy RPG: • Move – to move the camera • Select – to choose a battle event • Field – to choose a battle field • Interact – to interact • Lookaround – to view the surroundings


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    This is an interactive adventure and Short Visual Novel Game depicting life on a lunar base. All texts are performed by Japanese Voice Actors. The story is set in a fictionalized version of the Muromachi period, the late 14th century. The story centers around a girl named Mitsu, who is born on the 12th day of the 12th lunar month. Luna has an interesting and harsh life, too. The moon is both a home and a working environment. The main character, Mitsu, and Luna are the only two inhabitants of a lunar base. Families are prohibited on the lunar base. Despite that,Mitsu’s father, who is a naval officer, passes away on Christmas Eve. The main character, Mitsu, and Luna spend their Christmas Eve alone without even receiving a Christmas present. It’s the worst time in the history of the lunar base. A mysterious figure appears on Christmas Day and separates the two. What is the secret of this bad holiday on the moon? A small girl named Luna is lonely and fearful. A child’s body. The girl’s mother is a woman of beauty and calm, and her father is an outstanding officer. Because of Luna’s beauty and gentle nature, she is sent to the moon. The child is protected and assured by being allowed to live on the moon, and from that point, Luna’s life becomes entirely different than the human’s. Mitsu’s father… is he… I ran into a shapely girl. I met her at the moon… I’ve always wanted to meet her… I’ll… return to the moon with her… The following day, Mitsu’s father suddenly dies. The lunar base on Christmas Day… The girl’s mother gets sick. The girl’s mother dies… Maybe now, I can… The girl found a letter in her father’s office in his quarters. Is it a message from her father… Is it a message from her mother… I’ll go see. I’ll hurry and go get the girl… …I’ll leave the letter with her… I ran into a shapely girl. I met her at the moon. I’ll.. … … I wanted to see her. I don’t know why… … … … What will I do? The following morning, Luna was practicing her sword techniques in


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System Requirements For Luna: Supernatural Hunter:

Windows 7 SP1 or later DVD Burner 1GHz dual-core or faster processor 1 GB RAM 2 GB available hard-disk space High-speed Internet connection Recommended: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or higher Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, Windows 7 Professional 32-bit or later, Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit, Windows Vista Business 64-bit, Windows Vista Enterprise 64-bit, or Windows Vista Ultimate 64


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