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“The Shifter has always been there, lurking in the recesses of our minds. I think I would have known it, felt it if it weren’t for the drought. After all, I’ve been feeling it myself. The Shifter has devoured our minds! Our souls! Our souls and our minds, in our dreams! So we’re broken. We’re broken like bone. But what do you do when you’re broke down to nothing more than bone? We’re broken, but still inside us still.” – The Shifter, Shifting the Game. In The Dark Ages, the once-great city-states of the land were in decline. Their fortunes changed with the arrival of a new idea: the artificial power source known as the UG, which can be used to ignite the spark of life into the corpse of a dead man. Now, humanity’s greatest hope is a holy woman named Quill. She must go on a quest to locate the source of the mysterious stigmata that appears on the dead without fail. But the journey will test her strength. Her will. And her faith. This is what the world needs: the healing power of Quill. A girl with no armor, dressed in simple white and wielding an UG. Quill’s quest will take her to places of both war and peace, places where the dark god and his minions have made their home. The undead have risen from their graves to terrorize the land and to keep Quill from healing the world. Can she defeat them? This is what you’ll do. The baby brother, Quill. Poor dear little baby. He was just 10 years old when his mother died. The UG was badly affected by her death. He was born 11 years later but the original Shifter attacks are only a memory for him. Now he has to live in a world where people behave the way the media say they do. Hopeless? Yes. But Quill won’t let his brother be the only one with the hope of life. In times of strife, humanity needs a healing. Even if that healing comes from an illusion. If the world ends. But he will find her! He’s a hero. He’ll find Quill and he’ll save her. And he’ll become one with the Shifter as he does. “Quill is a girl with barely a shred of dignity. She runs around with her sword searching for a way to defeat the undead because she


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  • "Kuhn"-nickname
  • To create and download the factory buildings, we need to generate new data files within a folder called "plugins" within My Documents (This Folder cannot already be present; the Pack Cannot be installed to a Corrupt Game Data Folder).


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    This is a nice enough clone of the C&C: Generals series but with a slightly altered setting and most of the units have a different role.The Colonials fight for Earth against the androids of the Bad Moon.Your main objective is to take over as much territory as possible.Attacking your opponents territories puts them under siege and will force them to take defensive positions to save their cities.A strategic move can turn the tide in your favor, too.You can upgrade your army and units with new weapons, armor, gadgets, upgrades, buildings and so on. Product OverviewFind your way through challenging dungeons in this splendid hidden object puzzle adventure!Travel back to the mysterious lands of Dark Eye, once ruled by dark magic, a time when a prophecy foretold the return of the evil wizard King Vitak to an evil empire full of horrible creatures. Or so it seemed.Many years passed and a young warrior arose to challenge the evil empire.Despite the evils power he was unable to defeat Vitak, but he was able to force Vitak’s kingdom into an alliance with the boy king. But then King Vitak’s hateful sister appeared.She ruled his empire, as a ruthless and cunning enchantress.She lured the young warrior to her castle and had him trapped.When the young warrior awoke, King Vitak was nowhere to be seen.The kingdom was in ruins.The world was under the spell of the evil sister and now there was nothing to do but escape back to the world of the living and back to the kingdom of the sun.In Dark Eye, the player can travel back to the magical time of the mystical lands of a distant, unknown empire, return a legend to its rightful place, and restore the kingdom to its former glory. Over 20 different stories await and you may only be allowed to start on one of them at a time.A delightful blend of Hidden-Object and Puzzle game.The game contains an in-game help file to find hints for specific situations. Find additional game information on the Official Website: *Official Website:* Forum* About This ContentThis package features guides that can assist you through any troubles, provide item locations and help you to beat those difficult foes! With these guides in (virtual) hand, nothing can stand in your way!


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