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Sometimes “yes” and sometimes “no,” especially if sex is the sole motive for the encounter. But if you’re allowing yourself to go there solely to meet a sex partner, then the issue will come up almost immediately. Plenty of hookups are premised on a solid foundation of safety, consent and the lack of jealousy on the part of both parties. But when all you’re interested in is a hookup, you may often be in an ideal situation. In fact, hookups have some proven health benefits over, say, having a casual affair. Why hooking up works Hookups are a proven way to practice healthy sexual practices — namely safer sex — that might otherwise go underutilized. If you and your casual partner decide to take things further, you can learn about your bodies better, develop more sexual intimacy, and then start thinking about having a future together. “Like anything else, learning how to successfully navigate sex can make a better life in future,” says Forte. If the relationship goes somewhere else, you will still be equipped with the knowledge and experience to avoid getting into similar situations again. “It can be harder for people to develop a deep emotional connection over casual sex, but so few relationships begin with a casual sex encounter,” says Forte. In contrast, having an affair or going to bed with your lover with no strings or promises attached can be disempowering and ruinous, says Forte. If you’re a sexually frustrated young woman, the inability to establish a real emotional bond when you’re not offering an exclusive relationship can be disempowering in a way that casual sex just isn’t. “When you don’t make any guarantees, it’s super easy to sleep with someone just because you’re bored, or because you’re lonely, or because you feel you’re a loser,” says Forte. The problem is that it’s often harder to remain monogamous when the sex is purely transactional. “When we’re not romantically involved with someone, but we’re still having casual sex, we don’t often see it as the same as having a real-life love affair,” says Forte. This is where casual sex can provide a better opportunity for dealing with real life emotions. But the real beauty of casual sex is that you don’t need to have any sort of long-term connection to get something great from it, says Forte. “You’re allowed to decide who you want to have sex with, as long as you’re clear
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Source: Huffington Post Hookup apps focus on good decision-making One famous guide to the dangers of casual sex says that it can do you harm. The relationship between casual sexual encounters and mental and physical health is the subject of a new book called Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, What It Means for an Evolving Life by sociologists Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá. This book argues that the primary effect of casual sex on modern relationships is conflict and disease. Casual sex is everywhere. Yet, according to the book, sexual practices have not changed much over time, and the approach of casual sex doesn’t change much either. Sex at Dawn outlines the two major differences between ancient societies and ours. Casual sex is common in ancient societies. The pre-agricultural societies apparently did not have sex before marriage. A wife and husband usually lived together, never intending to separate and beginning the sexual relationship only when they planned to have children. Despite its long duration, sexual desire is fickle, with an abundance of casual sex. A study of 1,655 people published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that both men and women reported a mean of five different sex partners in their lifetime. That number is gradually on the rise. Its also known that sex with the same person multiple times is more intimate than casual sex with someone new. This is because the concept of casual sex has become so integrated into our culture that looking for a long-term relationship is not as common anymore. The new reports states that families and children also have been disrupted by couples’ casual sex decisions. People also do not intend to have sex with someone they like that much. There is an imbalance of power in the hookup culture, the report says. People are hooking up with strangers because they are more confident in a casual relationship. The more risk in a relationship, the more attracted people are to casual sex. The purpose of casual sex is not committed sexual relationships, but to find pleasure and avoid boredom. This is the reason why people do not want to bother with long-term relationships. While people have casual sex for different reasons, they are usually not aware of the negative consequences. The concept of casual sex is popular among all the developed countries, despite the risks of disease. Casual sex often has a sense of physical pleasure like drug use. This is according to the book. There are a couple of other points to consider about the

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