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【What is Minnano Gensokyo?】 Minnano Gensokyo is a game from Team Doujin Shoujo, the team behind DoDonPachi. The story tells us that in the fantasy world of Gensokyo, people are able to gather together and make dreams come true in order to bring happiness to the world. We are very excited to bring you the fantasy adventure story, Minnano Gensokyo! 【Game System of Minnano Gensokyo】 There are four different difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard. Your choice of difficulty level will determine the number of starting cards. 【A Player Can Play A Single Game】 In the single player mode of Minnano Gensokyo, a player can choose their desired difficulty level when playing, and avoid getting into trouble. 【The Game Begins With the Party】 In the beginning of the game, you are randomly assigned party of three. The party consists of three girls with different attributes. They can be invited to have a tea party. At the party, you can have access to limited party attributes. You can buff your girls to obtain more party attributes to become more powerful. 【Party Attributes】 Player can invite a party and receive party attributes. Party attributes can be used to do things that can boost your strength. These will include things like increasing your party attributes, handing out more party items, and having your party members go on an adventure together with your avatar. 【Each Girl’s Character】 Each of your party members has a job title. Even though you have a party of three girls, you will be able to take on various characteristics as you battle the bosses and fulfill different party quests. 【Armor】 The girls’ statistics can be enhanced by equipping armor. Even though they have been enhanced, they will still be recognizable as the same girl. 【Character】 The characters that your party can use are characteristic to the fantasy world of Minnano Gensokyo. Each will have their own different attributes, and they will provide different special effects when they are used. 【The Game Ends in Two Way Party】 In two way party mode, you can play with your party in order to obtain better results. You can collaborate with your party to defeat some of the bosses. 【The Story】 The Minnano Gensokyo world is one in which people can dream big and have the power


Darkwood – Soundtrack Features Key:

  • More than 30 most popular and classic traditional jigsaw puzzles
  • All of the puzzles have been optimized for the FingerWorks GeoVox Tablet
  • Videos help you understand the directions for the future puzzles
  • If you are a Patio Karts fan, Gameworth is offering a 20% discount for those players
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